Vaastu Shanti Puja is basically the worship of God and worship of the Gods, five elements of nature as well as natural forces and other related things. We do Vaastu peace (worship of the deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and guidance and god of environment) to remove any kind of Vastu Defect whether it is a land and building, Nature Or the environment, worship Vaastu Shastra to avoid major changes in the structure of the building and vandalism.

To avoid adverse effects (circumstances) by nature and environment, we must make Vastu peace under the following circumstances.

  • When someone chooses against the Vaastu Parameters.
  • The construction of the building against the architectural rules and less cumming remains in the structure.
  • Due to errors in the internal system of related rooms and buildings.
  • When an old house buys
  • At the time of renewal of home or business locations.
  • When we have been living for 10 years continuously.
  • After coming back from a foreign trip for a long time.
  • At the time of the inauguration of a new home.

Removal tips of Vastu Dosha

Let us look for some remedies to remove Vastu Defect (defect) which are in the realm of one’s residential places or in the business premises of someone.

1. Ganesh Puja, Navagraha Shanti Puja of Vatu Purusha.

2. Navachandi Yagna, Shantipath, Agnihotra Yagna

3. Vaastu flower idol, silver, copper wire, serpent (snake) made from pearl and paula should be kept in a red cloth with red earth and lay it on the east side

4. Red sand cashew in red cloth, put it on the west side on Tuesday – and pray that sunlight will bring peace to the house.

5. The old buildings should be demolished after the proper permission of Vastu man by the proper prayer.

6. During the Holocaust, a pottery, water, or seat etc. should not be taken home.

7. Daily Pooja of the entrance – worship with Swastika – design of pottery pot, auspicious lab, etc. with rice and Kumkum. Do not enter the entrance door.

8. Raksha Bandh should be done in chanting Jup, Homa and Aushan.

9. Start this mantra 12500 times on Tuesday – Daily 108 times Om Namo Bhagwati Vastu Devate Namah Dasmosa Home is finally in the end.

10. Lovers for the Vaastu Purusha.

11. If South-West is cut or there is uneasiness in the family, then Father, Pindada, Nagabali, Narayana Bali etc. do so.

12. Two Rudra – on every Monday and every New moon day.

13. Put a photo or idol of Ganapati in the house.

14. Worship room is very important in every house

15. Do not enter the Navravrade without peace.

16. After making peace in Vastu, empty house should be used for some years. After making peace in Vastu and do not keep that house for more than 3 months.

17. Never leave the underground basement empty.

18. Do not keep the south-west room empty.

19. Light a lamp daily with water utensils in the house.

20. Love peace every year because we do many sinful things in our lives.

If there is any reason for doing something outside of the Dosh, then I would like to use it in a special way, or in a special way, I have a role in the system.

1. Navigate to the top of the page.

2. Navaachandee yagy, shaantipaath, agnihotr yagy

3. In order to improve the quality of life, it is possible to make a difference in the life of the child, and in the form of a child’s life (saamp) in which he has a wealth of money, in which he has a wealth of money and has a poor education.

4. I would like to have a conversation with him, I have a lot of money in the book, and I know what I am doing, I do not know how to do it in my life, but I do not know why.

5. If you want to get a copy of your book, please do not forget to rate it.

6. It’s a matter of how to deal with the situation, either, or you do not want to leave home.

7. Pravesh davar kee dainik pooja – savastik ke saath pooja – mithi ki beratan pot ke dijain, shubh-lahiyadi chaaval and kumakum ki ki saath. I do not even want to send a message in the search box.

8. Keep your eyes open, and you have a lot of fun.

9. I am able to remove 12500 pages from the search results – I have been able to add 108 times my name to the original language, but it is also the name of the devas in the name of the document.

10. What are you going to do?

11. If you have been asked to go to school or have a family meeting, please contact us at your request.

12. Do rudr – how are you doing today?

13. Please enter the photo or photo of the house.

14. Pooja kaksh har ghar mein bahut jarooree hai

15. Navrajyah shaanti ke bina graha pravesh na karen

16. What is the use of homeowners in the past to show you how to cook? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

17. Do not forget to share your entire story with your friends.

18. Do not send any documents to the search results.

19. I do not want to lose a lot of money when I come home.

20. What is the best way to showcase your child’s life in the world?