A known and well-known shop is identified by its name and goodwill which can be earned by proper construction of shop / showroom. A Vastu Complaint Shop has been created keeping in mind the design of appropriate orientation, directional method and placement of things like cash counter, appointment of shop material, with excellence to design. According to the Vaastu norms, more and more people are running after Vastu guidance to build their own shop, which is believed to bring success and overall peace and economic development.

Some useful Vaastu suggestions for the shop / showroom are as follows:

  • The owner of the shop should sit in accordance with Vastu and ideally the south or the west is best so that he has to face the east or the north.
  • The site of the plot or shop should be rectangular or square in regular size and avoid irregular or cut property.
  • Any irregularity or extension from the wrong direction can lead to bad luck, business loss.
  • The entrance of the shop is recommended in the east or north-east.
  • Do not keep Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha’s gods on the right side of the north-east corner.
  • The cash counter should be installed anywhere so that the counter should open in the north and locker or cash room should be constructed to open south-west in the north.
  • Keep heavy materials such as raw materials or dumping goods on the south-west part.
  • In the shop, southeast corner, computer, television or other electronic equipment should be included.
    Ensure that the main door and other doors of the shop should not make noise.

While studying about shop / showroom violet, we have to take care of the following points. A complete analysis involves the architectural consultation of shop / showroom.

  • The proper location of the showroom / shop in the building
  • Size, slope, height, water level, such as the outer part of the office
  • Entry direction
  • Windows direction and placement
  • Beam location
  • Place of basement
  • Cashier’s Direction and Appointments
  • Employees’ Directions and Appointments
  • Owner’s direction and appointment
  • For sale and sale of goods for sale
  • The direction and placement of goods to store
  • Safe direction and placement
  • Stairs direction and appointment
  • AC, cooler, direction and placement of audio system
  • Directions and appointments of electronic devices
  • Pantry / kitchen direction and placement
  • Toilets and direction of appointments
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • Color scheme of the room