A school is an institution of knowledge and treasures that build a powerful future. If the foundation is not strong then how can we expect to get accurate knowledge of our children to produce good results! School Vastu analyzes every aspect which contributes to making its students bright and brilliant, to increase concentration and stress. Guidelines play an important role in our lives and if a school is being built in the wrong direction then any student will not be able to cope well and concentrate. Therefore Vastu is beneficial for every school.

Vastu Tips for School

  • All institutes should be made with the east or north-east entrance gate.
    Leave more space east and north-east, while other parts like South, West and South-West should be used for construction.
  • Classes should be done in the west with entry in the East and Blackboard.
  • The platform of the teacher’s desk should be a bit higher than the ground.
  • Beam in the classroom should be careful to ensure that no student is sitting under the beam.
    Staff room should be made in the north-west.
    Vaastu for school
  • Toilets should also be made in north-west direction.
  • Pantry or canteen should be made in the southeast corner of the institute.
  • The office of the owner or principal should be made only in the southwest or south direction so that he can sit on the north side.
  • The meeting room should be located in the north with the front door in the east.
  • Open play ground should be built in the eastern part.
  • Reception and cashier rooms should be located on the east or north side.
    The Library can be made in the western part of the institute.
  • While studying the vastness of the institute, we have to take care of the following points. A complete analysis involves the architectural consultation of the institutions.
  • Environment of the educational building or surrounding environment
    Size, slope, height, water level, such as the outer part of the office
  • Beam location
  • Entry direction
  • Windows direction and placement
  • Temple direction and appointment
  • Direction and placement of classes
  • The direction and appointment of students’ furniture
  • Principal Room Directions and Placements
  • Staff room direction and appointment
  • Library direction and appointment
  • Lab direction and appointment
  • Medical room direction and placement
  • The direction and appointment of the administration block
  • Canteen direction and placement
  • The direction and placement of the dining hall
  • Playground direction and placement
  • Swings direction and placements
  • Direction and placement of electrical appliances such as generators, inverters
  • Stairs direction and appointment
  • Pantry / kitchen direction and placement
  • Toilets and direction of appointments
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • Water boring direction and placement
  • Directions and appointments of ground water tank of employees
  • The direction and placement of the overhead water tank
  • The direction and placement of septic tanks or waste disposal
  • Parking direction and appointment
  • Direction and Appointment of Staff Quarter
  • Guidelines and appointments of boys / girls hostel