Vaastu Shastra has set some rules and principles for every type of building and spaces. It is always advisable to follow the Vaastu Guidelines when preparing the plan for both personal and commercial spaces. The use of architectural principles becomes more important when planning a restaurant, because with the problem of planning it is important to prevent it from escaping from harm.

If you do not plan your restaurant according to Vastu Shastra then you may have to face obstacles or face trouble. Everyone wants a well-maintained and attractive restaurant to enjoy the day meal. But due to the Vastu defect, every restaurant is not able to attract visitors on its basis. A restaurant built on the basis of Vaastu’s principles is not only able to attract customers, but also earn goodwill.

Commercial projects like restaurants should always be built according to the Vastu Guidelines so that the owner has to suffer. The following are the Vaastu Guidelines for building a restaurant.

Vastu Tips for Restaurant

  • It is advisable to arrange the restaurant’s seat on the first floor only.
  • The main entry of the restaurant should always be from east or north.
  • Welcome to the restaurant in the northern side should be better placed.
  • The storage room should ideally be kept in south-west to store raw materials, grains etc.
  • The kitchen should always be held in the southeast and in the restaurant avoid other places or directions for the kitchen.
  • The location of the restaurant is well-known because Vastu-damaged places can affect the restaurant’s rich business.
  • Keep the north-east of the restaurant clean and clean and also include water sources such as water fountains.
  • Toilets should be located north-west or west of the restaurant.
  • Generators, inverters, geysers and other electrical appliances should be kept only in the southeast.
  • Always tint your restaurant wall with light colors and avoid darkness and complex colors.
  • In commercial space, the plot size plays an important role in making the business healthier and richer, so
  • Vaastu suggests to keep a regular conspiracy for the restaurant.
  • The restaurant should not be dark and dinghy, but it should be a nice airy and light place.
  • Reception or people sitting on the owner has to face the East or the North direction while receiving the payment.
  • Avoid beams, pillars and arches on the basis of the restaurant, such as loses.