The selection of conspiracy is very important because the plot represents a certain form, which will irradiate positive and negative energy based on its location, orientation, size, slope and soil quality. When selecting a conspiracy these five key points should be kept in mind. Typically a Vastu Specialist does not involve buying a plot. But as an architect, I would suggest that it would be good to include one at the time of choosing a conspiracy, because their input into making the right input can be very valuable. Generally, while selecting a site, a Vaastu Specialist will be kept in mind, according to Vastu Shastra by default. If you already have a conspiracy to build a house or office, you should still mention the architectural guidelines set out for the selection of suitable conspiracies. In the selection of a conspiracy, following architectural guidelines should be kept in mind, since most of these guidelines are based on scientific reasoning and some common knowledge.



Vastu Shastra has been laid down for proper guidelines for selection of a conspiracy. Since Vaastu science, there is logic and logic behind every direction. As an architect, I have tried to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically. To decide what you want to do, what you want to do and what you do not do.

For obvious reasons, a peaceful, peaceful place with lots of greenery and good water source with good soil. Fertile soil is a sign of good soil for the construction.

When buying a piece of land, it is a good idea to stand on the ground and feel your vibrations for a few moments. If you feel positive about it, then consider buying land. If not, then this is probably not good for you. The logic is that it is always advisable to trust your instinct, but for good reasons make sure that you are not affected by anything or anyone else.

Check plot history; It should be a good history. The best place to buy land is where happy and successful people live. The natural logic behind the concept is completely psychological, you will realize that the land where people were happy and prosperous; Have good vibes or energy. Check for the road near the plot. Plot with the routes on all four sides is considered the best. It ensures health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. The natural logic for logic is that a plot with roads on all four sides is not blocking the property of any body and hence anyone can get maximum light and ventilation from all around. The next best option is a plot with roads or north east. Because of this, I understand that in the morning more light and air can enter from these side.


It is advisable to avoid a haunted or impaired house. Plots should not be bought, if someone has committed suicide in recent times, or if there have been many deaths in a few months period. If you want to know about such a past, you can feel mentally uncomfortable. Avoid buying a consignment sold under stress. Such plots should be purchased with caution only and with proper consultation with the item specialist. One good reason is that you can feel sad and guilty psychologically, knowing that the plot was sold with inability and the previous owner still has to catch it.

We have to avoid sites in public places or buildings. Plots should not be near or adjacent to any public place such as temples, hospitals, factories, schools, colleges etc. Such places will be constantly crowded and noisy. But if they are 100 feet away from at least 80 feet, then conspiracy is acceptable. We can not live in the environment with the smell of smell. It is advisable to avoid sites near scented places. The plot should not be near a meat shop, workshop, leather tannery, laundry, shoe store, dust box, sewage drains etc. The bad smell coming out of these places creates an environment in the house permanently and naturally in a house that is not suitable for the living. If the plot is between large plots, then it should be avoided. In such plots, owners of small plots can make only a very small house in comparison to the owners of large plots and thus, can feel ‘small’ in relation to the neighbors. It can create a sense of loss in the owner.

It is best to avoid plots with lots of cracks or too much wet soil. Cracks dirt soil soil and very wet soil also indicate soil soils which does not allow water drainage. Such a soil is not suitable for a building foundation because it will maintain moisture and the foundation will require additional expenditure for water certification. Avoid strictly against the plots facing roads T or Y crossroads. This is because you can see the incoming traffic and this may make you feel nervous or lacking in privacy. However, in some cases, such plots are admissible as described below