The office is mainly created to achieve greater success and good profit, in which control staff can be maintained properly. The Vastu Complaint Office presents everything in a positive manner to maintain the flow of money and to help the business succeed. We often see people taking part in business without consulting the important conspiracy and direction for every business. Vaastu office maintains economic development, deals with employees, helps the environment to be peaceful and positive, and eliminates obstacles in the business.

The architecture of the office requires proper analysis and orientation of the business house, here are some Vastu tips for the office.

  • The Eastern Face Office is considered to be quite generous.
  • Avoid irregular shapes of plot, while class or rectangular is best for office structure.
  • If any, water resources or elements should be kept or placed in the north-east of the office.
  • The head of the trade organization or the owner has to face the answer while working or dealing with clients.
  • Northern or Eastern parties are suitable for executive and other employees.
  • The managerial level and other high-level people in the office should be made to sit in the southern or western part so that they should face north or east during the office hours.
  • The northeast part of the office should be left empty with the establishment of water resources.
    While avoiding the toilets in south-east, north-east east, the toilets should be built on the west or north-west side.
  • Pantry should be built in the southeast. .
  • The stairs are best made in the south, south-west or west. Avoid the stairs at the center or avoid the office of the Brahmanas.
  • Reception should be designed in the north-east.
  • If there is a temple in office building in the north-east.
  • Do not make the employees under the beam.
  • The waiting room can be built in north-west or north-east.
  • Colors should be pleasant and bright in the office, which does not spread sadness or sadness.
  • Attractive paintings should be hung on the walls while avoiding war or evil painting paintings.