With the emerging trend today, there have been floods with the number of city cinemas and we have seen that some cinema houses live at home all the while while others wait for their customers. The reason is very relative to Vaastu because many built-in theaters have Vastu defects, due to which they have to face difficulties and sometimes it needs to be closed. The cinemas include huge investments and if it is not successful after the creation, the owner will pay a heavy price for it and the site can turn into a residential or shopping complex. Therefore, consultation with Vaastu before construction of big projects like film / cinema hall to improve and identify the defects in time in the conspiracy.

Vastu theory for multiplexes ensures a great deal of profit and prosperity for the business of entertainment. Vastu for Multiplex Building Now everything in the modern world is available under a roof like theater, restaurant, food court, soping and game zone and it is called a mall or complex Here are some basic tips for making multiplexes according to Vaastu. In the premises, the manufacturer tries to use each inch of space and thus sometimes causes Blunder. Premises, which are made according to Vaastu, are very famous and successful in comparison to other people.

Vastu Tips for Multiplexes

  • Theater should have slopes or seats arranged, as if the screen is north or east.
  • The restaurant should be preferably in the south-west of the building and the kitchen inside it should be in the southeast.
  • Air conditioning (AC) plant should be established preferably in the southeast.
  • Generators, transformers and other electrical installations should also be done in the southeast part.
  • Toilets block should be in north-west.
  • Landscaping and fountains or artificial water falls can be manufactured in the northeast, north or east of the entire site.
  • The central part of the building should have enough light from the top (skylit).