The trend of celebrating marriage at the wedding hall is increasing day by day, although it requires a lot of finance, yet people are spending huge time on marriage. We can get many wedding halls around us and sometimes we see that for some or other reasons some party / wedding halls are not well-rich and some just do great business. Build this potential place with Vastu principles for a better and progressive future for the smooth function of the marriage hall. There should be appropriate section in the proper direction in the marriage hall so that the customers can ensure better and better business and more profits and goodwill.

Wedding halls should be made appropriate section in the appropriate direction. Vaastu tells how to keep every class in place of marriage rooms:

  • Phases in the wedding hall should ideally be located in the west so that the couple sitting on it should face the former.
  • Admission is ideal in the east or north direction.
  • While avoiding the round or oval shaped banquet hall for decoration, the plot of the marriage room should be
  • regularly in the regular shape for the square or rectangle.
  • Electrical equipment including dance floor, music system and even transformer should be located in the southeast.
  • The cooking arrangement should only be in the southeast.
  • Parking should be made in north-west or south-east.
  • Arrangements for food and snacks should be directed towards north-west or north.
  • The seating arrangement for guests should be in the south-west or it may be in the north.
  • For the marriage, the Mandap should be arranged in the East-east corner and the holy place for marriage, while the fire in the south-east corner should be burnt.
  • Toilets in the wedding hall should be done in north-west or west.
  • The owner’s room should be specially made in the south-west.
  • Stairs in the hall can be according to Vastu in south, west or south-west.