In contemporary times, more and more people are consulting a Vastu Specialist while choosing a plot, even if they want to use conspiracy for residential or business purposes. Vastu decides a long way to keep negative energy out of conspiracy, which leads to serious health and loss of money. Vastu Advice for plot selection is based on the study of many factors, including the direction of the site, the type of soil on the site, the plot size, the plot around and many others. See some architectural tips for plot selection in the following lines.

The geometric axis of the plot should be aligned with the Earth & # 39; s magnetic axis; One of the conspiracy parties should be parallel to the north-south direction and should be parallel to the other east-west directions. If there is no conspiracy coalition in the north-south direction, then the land is poor for overall development, peace and happiness. The plot size, size, level and angle should be examined. If this does not follow the Vaastu principles then necessary additions and changes should be made in the conspiracy.

Slope of Industrial Plot

Land should be moved south and west and should be low in overall development and prosperity towards north and east.

Shape of Industrial plot

Ideally this should be a square.
The rectangular is also good as long as the width and length ratio is not greater than 1: 2
Triangle, round and all other odd shapes are not considered good.

Vaastu Tips For Plot Selection

  • Choose a plot that does not have an irregular shape. Square or rectangle shape plot is considered good. Make sure there is no crack in the conspiracy.
  • Good to buy a conspiracy objective with a longer length in the East or West direction.
  • According to Vaastu, the purchase of such conspiracy is not recommended for the open space in the Southern part compared to the North Side, because it is likely to cause any kind of destruction.
  • It is advisable to buy the conspiracy in which the main entrance is in the middle-west or in the northern part of the conspiracy.
  • Buying a conspiracy to deal with the west direction is not recommended.
  • The road facing a conspiracy from all sides is considered auspicious.
  • People of different professions are affected by some of the instructions selected for the conspiracy. For example, in the past a conspiracy face is considered suitable for scholars, philosophers, priests, teachers and professors. For those who handle the firm’s administration, it is good to choose a conspiracy in the north.
  • Government employees can also choose a conspiracy north.
  • If you are a business person then buy a conspiracy dealer in the south. For those who provide services to society, it is good to choose a conspiracy towards the west.
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, fertile conspiracy with the surrounding greenery is considered auspicious.
  • Ensure that there is no graveyard or a tomb in front, back or adjacent to your conspiracy.
  • Avoid the plot surrounding schools, colleges or cinema theaters.
  • Do not buy a conspiracy, for which rain water from the neighboring roof falls.
  • Ensure that there is not a long building on the north east side of your conspiracy, because it will ruin your mental peace. However, if the high-rise building is located on the south, southwest or west side, then you can buy the plot.
  • Avoid buying a conspiracy with rivers or canals flowing west or south of the conspiracy.
  • Ensure that your conspiracy has no column, electric post.