The good infrastructure of the hotel attracts a lot of visitors, thus increasing profits to make hospitality more comfortable. Vaastu plays an important role in inviting guests and making profits in the form of hotel placement and making profits in the hotel as specific room directions, which are directly related to the arrival of the guest.

If the hotel’s infrastructure is made incorrectly, it will definitely not bring more guests and the way it should be made. The hotels should be built before taking some necessary architectural directions so that it does not have to sit without visitors even after the construction of a grand hotel.

Vastu helps the hotel to make a great deal of effort to ensure that the hotel will see an emerging business, with the arrival of more and more guests for Vastu Hotel Hotel. There are many things that are kept in mind, while suggesting the right type of treatment for site selection, location of kitchen, appointment of various electronic equipment, appointment of reception counter, location of different rooms and many others.

  • Before making the hotel, Vastu should be suspicious of checking the site, location, typography, geography, soil and guidelines, while the Vastu experts in the existing hotel have suggested some measures to eliminate the negative effects of the wrong direction. Here are some tips for Hotel Vaastu:
  • Vastu for Hotel
  • According to Vastu Shastri Plot, regular should be chosen in regular sizes such as rectangular and square,
  • whereas the size benefits such as hexagon, triangular or ellipt should be avoided.
  • At least two or more roads in the hotel’s place should be especially north or east
  • Leave the north and east parts while making the hotel.
  • The hotel should be well ventilated, light and large.
  • Pantry or kitchen should be given to the south-east corner and other electrical equipment with geyser, the meter should be employed only in this direction.
  • Only the kitchen should be constructed at the bottom of the ground.
  • Visitor’s room should be done in the south-western part of the hotel with beds located in the south-west so that they can sleep from the head south or east.
  • Place the balcony of the hotel’s rooms in the east or north direction.
  • Bathrooms and toilets should be made in north-west or west.
    To maintain the flow of positive premises, the hotel complex should be large and open.

While studying about the vastness of hotels, we have to take care of the following points. A complete analysis involves hotels’ architectural consultation

  • Proper location of commercial premises in relation to roads.
  • Size, slope, height, water level, such as the outer part of the office
  • Beam location
  • Place of basement
  • Entry direction
  • Windows direction and placement
  • Open space direction and placement should be omitted
  • Where to build the direction and placement of that place
  • Room direction and appointment
  • Office direction and appointment
  • Reception directions and placements
  • Parking direction and appointment
  • Direction and placement of electrical appliances such as generators, inverters
  • Stairs direction and appointment
  • Direction and Appointment of AC Plant
  • Swimming Pool Directions and Placements
  • Lift direction and placements
  • Pantry / kitchen direction and placement
  • Toilets and direction of appointments
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • Water boring direction and placement
  • Directions and appointments of ground water tank of employees
  • The direction and placement of the overhead water tank
  • The direction and placement of septic tanks or waste disposal