To maintain peace, prosperity and success, Vastu is essential for the hostel building. This is a basic structure where students are honored to study from different geographical areas and if the structure is not built according to the Vastu norms then it can face inevitable problems. Vastu for hostels is important for study and living students and should be constructed in such a way that there is no problem like failure, suicides, assaults and student domination. In the hostel building, the balance of energy should be done through proper directions. Place this place to stay comfortable for the students.

General Vastu Guides for Hostel are as follows:

  • The construction of the hostel should be in regular shape, such as rectangular or square, and any irregularity in size may be inauspicious, which can lead to name and goodwill.
  • Stairs should be constructed in the south or western part of the hostel.
  • The administration, staff and warden should be given the south-western part of the hostel to live.
  • Students’ rooms should be built in north-west.
  • Toilets should be done in north-west.
  • Canteen can be built in the southeast.
  • North-eastern areas should be left for lawn or garden area.

Vastu for Hostel Room

Like the hostel building, Vastu is also required for hostel room so that students can study Vaastu properly for the hostel. Incorrectly built rooms in the hostel cause tension, tension, irrelevant attacks, and also give birth to small issues that can harm the goodwill of hostels. To maintain peace and regularity in student study, it is necessary to follow the Vastu rules in the hostel room.

While studying about the vastness of hotels, we have to take care of the following points. A complete analysis involves hotels’ architectural consultation

In the hostel’s room, the bed should be kept in such a way that students have to face south or east facing the gold or south or east.
Avoid any beams in the hostel room and if any, students sleep under the beam.
Study table should face north or east in hostel room and should not be against entry.
Bed in the hostel room should not be placed in front of the entrance door.
On the eastern side of the hostel room, there should be a maximum of windows for morning sunlight, which is essential for students and their studies.

While studying the hostel’s villa, we have to take care of the following points. The hostel’s Vastu Consultation involves a complete analysis.