The details and guidelines for all the processes from the selection of the site for building building, and orientation of different rooms in the directions, height of the room, door position etc are found in Vastu Shastra. Actually the lesson that guides us to a city, temple, residential house, cattle shed, or plan for building and building any other building equipped with all the necessary facilities for the comfort and utility of humankind, it has given the name of the object. Has been described in the Indian form of culture and scripture. Varna Vaastu Shastra is also an important aspect of the Grahaya Admissions Griha Prava (i.e. the first entry in a newly built house).

After completion of all the affairs of the house, staying in that house starts at some auspicious time fixed on astrological ideas. In the auspicious moment, the first entry in the house is called the Griha Admission Festival. Warming of any newly built home house is considered as the overall opportunity. This tradition is done entirely so that evil forces can be kept away from entering the new house. Even after land acquisition, a prayer (worship) is called Bhumi Poojan, and later the home warming ceremony is called Vaastu peace.

When a house is ready for capture, a Muhurta is selected for house provision, which is mainly Ganesh worship (Ganpati), Mandla is ready to call the gods and nine planets, Who act as witnesses of the ceremony. Prasad (fire) in the form of fire is to express the deities. Havan is swivel in every room in the family. Clean the various pharmacological ingredients disinfection and air in smoking with havan

The house is surrounded with a thread three times from the east, which is the most auspicious direction. They both point to the construction of protective obstacles around the house to keep the evil effects away, and are done with the accompaniment of the defense mantra and the Pavan Mantra. On the edge of the pit, a pothole digged in the southeastern corner of the house is strongly worn with cowdung paste and potholes. A brick box with corn, mousse and flowers is reduced in the pit, which is then filled. Since corn is a symbol of fertility, therefore, it is believed to ensure prosperity that sprinkling holy water around the house is to keep the evil spirits away, along with, the eighth provision is complete.

The houseguards give detailed instructions about this kind of land which should be chosen to build a house or a temple, in which direction it should be faced and the celebrations should be performed at every stage. Matsya Purana tells what steps are important during construction, such as laying foundation, and raising the first door, and explaining that Hohriya Praksha Pooja should be performed at these stages. This function is still done in a traditional way. After Ganesh worship, water jar is placed on a pile of corn, universal symbol of reproduction.

Graha Pravesh Scriptures

Apoorva – The first entry to stay in a newly built house on newly built land is called Apoorva (new) Gray entrance.

Sapoorva – After traveling abroad or migrating to elsewhere, enter an existing house already existing in order to stay in it, it is called Supravav Prahaash.

Dwandwah – After the reconstruction / renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood water, electricity, air etc., entry to a house is known as gateway (or old) in the form of entry into the house.

Shastras have described the process of entering the auspicious time (Muhurt) and purity (defective) of the Panchang. An auspicious time should be followed for uncommon entry and should be admitted in the rebuilt house or the purity of the almanac should be considered after the migration.

If the doors of the house do not fit with the shutter, or the roof is not covered, or the worship of Lord Vaastu is not worshiped and sacrifices are offered, and if the priest etc has not been given a feast, then this For the first time in the house, enter (Gray entrance) should not be completed until the above mentioned things are completed, otherwise staying in that house will be full of troubles and sorrows. Therefore living in a house should be started only after sacrificing sacrifice and worshiping Vaastu according to the process given in the scriptures.
Home prize

Access to house made from grass and leaves etc. can be done on any auspicious day. In homes built with bricks, stones, mud, cement etc., the sun is the auspicious for the first time when the Sun is released. As far as possible, only in the day the planetary provision should be completed, it would be auspicious. Generally, this can be done on any auspicious moment in day or night. Guru (Jupiter) or Shukra (venus) is being set (invisible), that does not make any difference in the Tara Prabha’s old renovated house.

For the first time a food for a child (Anna Prahas), wearing new clothes, daily trips, entry for the first time in a newly renovated house and entry of bride at home, Jupiter (master) invisibility (setting) and Venus ( The Shukra means that Tara should not be considered, in such cases only the purity and the well wisher of the almanac should be considered. Good months for Griha Admission and its results are given below.