Before starting construction, worship of plot (land) is very important. This pooja, in the north east, should be prayed for any home on the auspicious occasion for prayer. By a learned pundit The first excavator should be determined by a learned astrologer on the auspicious occasion by a master. An auspicious day means the Panchang or five special components (Dina, Nakshatra, Thithi, Yoga, Karan) of that special date or day. These components depend on the position of the Moon and Earth. The good almanac does not mean that a special day is good for every person.


On that day, a good or bad decision is made on the person’s birth chart (birth star). If the birthright of that person is auspicious with the constellation of that particular day, then on that day, the date is read to him a good date. Auspicious Moment or Suba Muhurt should be calculated for a particular geographical location within auspicious time using Sunrise Time as the starting point for that particular situation. The duration of auspicious time is usually 3 – 4 minutes. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are good days to start building Vastu House. Sunday or Tuesday are not good days to start building the house.

Then they should be avoided. Construction of the house (Vaastu) started in the Shukla party brings pleasure, while Vaastu Muhurt damages the house for the construction of the Krishna party. So it is better to start the house construction after the idea of ​​Shukla or Krishna Paksha. Before moving or working or working at any new place, it is very important to perform a Vastu Pooja. To start any work on land (land), start digging and construction, setting foundation stone, main door should be done on special dates of specific months, so that the home is restored with health, longevity and human habitation. To be good for peace and prosperity. When you start a new construction or renovation, then the Vaastu Purush should be remembered and worshiped. Generally, during the period of Ashdh Shukla, during Kartik Shukla there will be no Muhurta for the construction of houses, temples, palaces, home warming (house-entry) etc., when the Gods sleep (God Shayan).