In this era of rapid growth and equally fast growing population, small towns and cities are turning into metro cities. With the increase in population, the land is increasing very fast for residential and commercial activities. Therefore, multi-storeyed buildings are being constructed for commercial activities and the number of such campuses is increasing fast in the day. With increasing production, the business houses are opening their offices and showrooms in number to market their products. Therefore building has become a necessity for these commercial purposes. And such offices are being operated for multi-storey commercial premises.

Most architectural principles can not be followed during construction of multi-layered complexes. Due to the high cost, most of the cost is taken for the price and the maximum use of space is done. In spite of doing so, if the rules kept in Vaastu are followed, then building commercial premises, they gain fame and are sold quickly and the running business or office for such buildings becomes profitable.

Between 1: 1 to 1: 2, a rectangular conspiracy of the side ratio is most suitable for the purpose. Building on such plots is auspicious and not only beneficial to the owners, but also beneficial for residents who rent or buy commercial units in such constructions. There should be enough space around the building Compared to the south and west side, more open spaces in the north and east of the building. Parking lot is open on the north side and the east side of the parking lot. The slope of the land should be from south to north and west to east. Wherever possible the main Sea plot should never be in the south-west region. The height of the main door of the building should be more than the entrance to the different units in the premises.

Any underground water storage or tube well can either be constructed in the north or north-east region of the conspiracy. Where, overhead water storage tanks can be installed in north-west. Waste water and rain water coming out of the building should flow towards north or east directions. If the tree is used in horticulture, then tall and dense trees should not be near the building. They should be put in such a way that their shadow does not fall on the building by 4 o’clock in the evening. Each floor should be built in such a way that fresh air flows freely in every room. There should be provision of daylight to enter every room of the building.
commercial premises

If the latrine attached to any room in the premises should be provided, then it should be in the south part of the room. If the store room is required with the office, then it should be in the south or west part of the room. Stairs are advised to make stairs in the south or western areas of the main building. Stairs in the north or east part of the building are not auspicious. In the premises, the manufacturer tries to use each inch of space and thus sometimes causes Blunder. Premises, which are made according to Vaastu, are very famous and successful in comparison to other people.

  • The main building should be on the south / west side of the building.
  • Generators and other electrical appliances should always be kept in the southeast corner.
  • The stairs must be provided on the southwest and should always be in the clock direction while climbing.
  • The bore well, the underground tank should be in the Northeast.
  • The overhead tank should be done in the southwest.
  • Enlarged lawn with large trees should be developed in the south and west and lots of water should be applied to the lawn and north or east with tender plants.
  • A small temple can be built in the northeast corner or in the center of the building. The temple can enter from the four sides or east and north, but anyone should be careful that the entrance to the temple should not be in front of any complex or entrance entrance.
  • The toilet should be constructed in the Northwest or Western corner and should not be in the northeast corner.
  • The slope of the land should be north or east.
  • There should be a lot of windows on the north and eastern walls compared to the south and west walls.
  • The size of the building should always be regular.