Vaastu has become important in banks for security and security purposes; If it has been built according to architectural principles, then banks will never have to face the problem of theft or theft. While considering Vaastu, another important thing should be done which is the appointment of the head of the staff and the manager of the bank; More room for appointment or room for deposit.

Ideal for tracing the bank in north or east direction because it is ideal for direction building.
Avoid any obstacles in the main gate of the bank and entry to the East or Northeast or north is recommended.
The south-east corner of the bank should be made in the manager’s room and the person should face his face north.
Cash counters should be kept in the north with cashier facing the former or north-east.
Use wooden counter for cash

  • The employees of the bank or staff will be sitting in the west.
  • The main cash room where all the cash is deposited, it should be placed north or south-west towards the north.
  • In the north-east there should always be some water source which is the most auspicious.
  • The color plays an important role in creating and stabilizing wealth matters, so yellow is the main color.
  • Things like files, papers and other junk goods should be kept in the south-west.
  • Stationery can be placed in the north-west corner.
  • The cash deposit counter should be located in the north bank of the bank.
  • Payment counters can put west parts.
  • Keep stairs in the west, south-west or south-east